Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pictures from November & December 2008

Scylla & Charybdis were anxiously waiting for their Daddy to finish the fence so we could get Fenris Dog.

 Charybdis loved laying in her Daddy's arms.

Charybdis was a Daddy's girl.

Charybdis enjoyed sleeping on my desk.

Charybdis often slept on the back of my chair. She liked to be close to us.

She enjoyed eating with her siblings.

Charybdis bathing on my bed.

Charybdis bathing.

Charybdis loved to play with her Daddy.

Charybdis putting the bitey on Daddy.

Charybdis liked to play with Scylla too.

But Charybdis could play by herself for hours.

Charybdis loved to sit in the windows.

Charybdis loved the Christmas tree one of my biggest regrets ~ We were late putting the tree up December 2009 and Charybdis didn't get to enjoy it before she died.

Charybdis loved Christmas I wish she had had more of them. This was her last Christmas with us.