Friday, September 9, 2011

Mo Cats Day

Since today is More Cats Day on the Internet. I thought I would post about when Charybdis' (and Scylla) first came to live with us.  We had lost Whiskers' (March 2007) to the petfood recall and our household seemed very empty with only one cat, Socks missed his brother very much. I was actually looking for a black tuxedo cat, but a lady who did rescue asked me if I could foster 2 kittens who had lost their mother, she said the kittens would be put to sleep if a foster home wasn't found for them. After talking to my husband he agreed that we cold foster the kittens. Another lady took the other two kittens from the litter that survived.

I went picked up the bottles, kitty formula and various other things we would need and then went to get the kittens the next morning. Scylla & Charybdis snuggled together in the carrier on the way home and for most of Charybdis' life you always saw them together. Charybids' got very excited about feeding time and always waved her paws about while she was being feed. She was also a very aggressive feeder and usually pulled the nipple right out of the bottle. Hubby usually wound up feeding her if he was home and they shared a very deep bond. She was his heart cat. 

We are foster failures, no sooner had Hubby got home from work then he volunteered that IF I would let him name them we could keep them. Of course I put my foot down at his first suggestion War & Pestilence, but he eventually came up with names we all liked.
Scylla (facing camera) and Charybdis
 They had fleas and were too young for any sort of flea treatment, so every day until they were old enough for flea treatments they got a bath in Dawn Dish Washing Liquid. Charybdis loved to be dried off. She was always very cold natured and shivered after her bath until I could get her dried off. About a week after we had taken her in we discovered she had an abscess on her jaw, a trip to the emergency vet and a round of antibiotics and she became a very playful energetic kitten.

Charybdis & Scylla
 Socks loved Scylla & Charybdis the minute he saw them (pleasant surprise for me) but Charybdis was afraid of him at first. Socks was very sweet and gentle and eventually convinced Charybdis he didn't mean her any harm. They became very close. Scylla adored her big brother the minute she laid eyes on him and thought she could do everything he could do.
 Trying to teach Charybdis to use the litterbox was very challenging as she tried to eat the cat litter. We finally got it through her head that cat litter wasn't for eating.
Scylla & Charybdis
Charybdis loved her family very much and was always talking to us. She was my gossip girl. She loved to sit in the bathroom and watch me put on my makeup. She was allergic to my perfume and sneezed when I put it on, so I stopped wearing it. I hadn't officially started cat blogging yet (starting March 2007, I started posting about the petfood recall on my blog) but "The Girls" inspired me to start. You can read my first post about Scylla & Charybdis here. They both had a lot to say and thus the blog was renamed Alasandra, & The Cats. Once Fenris came along the blog was renamed Alasandra, The Cats & A Dog. I hope you enjoyed learning more about how Scylla & Charybdis came to live with us and how our cat blog came to be. ~Alasandra


  1. Thank you sharing a little history of how angel Charybdis and sweet Scylla came into your hearts!! Me and Charlie are so glad they were not named War and Pestilence! LOL!! Awwww they're far too cute for such names. Happy Mo Cats Day. Take care

  2. I wanted to name them Katrina & Camille but got voted down. Charybdis was always a whirlwind of activity so being named after a hurricane would have suited her.

  3. Hello Charybdis, we enjoyed reading your story and think your kitten pictures are adorable :-) We are so sorry that you had such a short life with your loving family but we know you brought them much joy! We are also sorry about Whiskers, we didn't know his history and the pet food recall, how tragic :-(

  4. Thanks for sharing your story, Charybdis. We know that you were greatly loved, even though you were only with your family for a short time. Happy Mo Cats Day.

  5. We still miss you and love seeing your kitten pictures.

  6. Thanks for sharing her story and thaks for your visit.