Saturday, December 19, 2009

2007 October ~ Charybdis' Life in Pictures

Charybdis was fascinated by the ice in her Daddy's ice-tea.

Charybdis loved playing with wooden airplanes.

Charybdis often panted like a dog after running around.

Charybdis  was always curious.


  1. Dear Alasandra,

    We are so sorry for your loss. Charybdis was beautiful and we're grateful to have known her. We've been away from the blogosphere for some time and we're so sorry we haven't written before. We hope you're all coping. You're all in our thoughts.

    Olivia and especially Cliff sends purrs.

    Cliff and Olivia's Humans

  2. What a beautiful girl. Thank you for sharing your memory pictures of her on the internet. I'm very sorry that this little embodiment of grace has left the world.