Thursday, December 10, 2009

Farewell, Charybdis

Dear, sweet Charybdis,

It seems fitting you were buried near Whiskers, the brother you never knew, at the beautiful and serene Butterfly Memorial Garden where your family can visit while remembering you as youthful, adorable, playful, energetic -- and too young to leave your family and friends behind. We know your sister Scylla, brother Fenris and your mom love and miss you very much!

Rusty remembers you well from the cruise with Charlie dog and Momo kitty. All of you had a picnic at the Butterfly Garden before leaving on the cruise..

Photo by Momo & Sassy

And to celebrate NOMS Day 2008, we all attended a picnic at your pond. We kitties were helping your mom in the kitchen so we missed the photo session, but that was such a fun day!

Photo by Asta

We imagine you were met at the bridge by your old friends Charlie, Roscoe and Emil. We miss you and you will always be a part of our lives, as you live in our hearts and memories. We hate to say good-bye, so we will say, Farewell for now, sweet Charybdis.

Jan's Funny Farm: Crystal, Cotton, Merci, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Buddy, Rusty & Sam

PS -- We think you would be very proud of us. We finally learned to spell your name properly. We're just sorry it took us so long.


  1. We are sure she is very proud of you for learning to spell her name.

    Thank you for reminding us of a very happy time we shared with her. ~Scylla & Socks

  2. Charybdysis,

    You are a beautiful kitty in body & now so much more in spirit. You have brightened the lives of your family. I know you are fine in the Spirit World. God Loves all his creations and you are from Him and in physical death returned to Him. As Spirit you certainly will not be stagnant. Perhaps, you may return to the earth life, or you may even be guardian or helper to the material world, who knows?

    Love Never Dies. Peace 4ever
    Cheryl/aka Muffyjo