Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Charybdis ~ 12 Weeks Old June 2007

Charybdis fancied herself as a great hunter even as a young kitten.

Charybdis became great friends with Socks after she got over being afraid of him.

Charybdis loved to hide in the flowerbeds while I was weeding them.

My bed was a favourite hang out of Charybdis.

But she could get comfy anywhere.

Scylla was a favourite playmate. Charybdis loved to play.


  1. Those pictures are extra sweet. Happy times that are now precious memories.

  2. What a wonderful collection of sweet memories.

  3. We are laughing and crying when we look at them. It is nice to remember the good times with our precious girl but so sad to think there will not be any more.